Como II

Novelties 2019

Discover our new pellet stoves and design fireplaces.


Sit back and enjoy. Heating with wood logs or pellets – our new stoves have three things in common: cosy warmth, simple operation and individual design.

A traditional wood-burning fire with all its amenities or convenient pellet operation – the new RIKA stoves have a lot to offer! Their stylish design creates a special living atmosphere. State-of-the-art technology ensures environmentally friendly and efficient heating.

The proven RIKA quality has been given a contemporary update in its form and appearance and is equipped with new technical innovations. The new generation of pellet stoves has an improved air flow regulation and for the first time can now be controlled via RIKA VOICE. The new RIKA design fireplaces stand out in particular for their flexible design options.


RIKA stoves made in Austria

Top production standards guarantee the highest product quality. Our stoves are manufactured using state-of-the-art machinery, and the final assembly and quality inspection are works of craftsmanship. Manufacturing locally in Austria also represents a sustainable contribution to climate protection.

Pellet stoves

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Maximum convenience

Pellet stoves offer simple operation, convenient pellet refilling and automatic self-cleaning. Low-noise operation represents an additional advantage.

Sophisticated and efficient heating

RIKA pellet stoves combine the ambience of a traditional wood-burning stove with the latest technology and maximum ease of operation.

The automatic fuel delivery, intuitive operation using a touchscreen and the RIKA VOICE control system are just a few advantages of a pellet stove. Alongside the fast availability of warmth and the pleasant radiant heat, they also score points for their compact design. In contrast to the traditional wood-burning stove, the combustion process is fully automatic.


Environmentally friendly heating

Pellets are gained from untreated wood remains. The use of a renewable raw material like wood makes it possible to use a pellet insert ecologically sustainable.

Como II


Timeless and modern, with a broad and exceptionally quiet flame pattern.

REVO_II_Freisteller 2x


Modest, aesthetic forms surrounded by strong natural stone.

COSMO_Freisteller 2x


The classic round shape, reinterpreted with particular elegance.

SONO_Freisteller 2x


Space-saving dimensions, remarkable design and a powerful interior.

Design fireplaces

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Incomparable atmosphere

The generous view of the harmonious flame pattern and the typical crackling of wood logs generate an exceptionally pleasant atmosphere in the room.

Simply beautiful

RIKA design fireplaces fully fit the trend towards a simple, straight-line geometric language, skilfully combining style with functionality.

The traditional wood-burning fire has been reinterpreted and thanks to the diverse panelling options can be adapted perfectly to your desires and requirements. Thanks to the optimised glass flushing system and the high combustion chamber temperatures, your pleasure in the calming flame pattern stays unsullied for a long time.


Maximum flexibility

The flexible design of the surfaces, e.g. in soapstone or plastered and painted the colour of the wall, makes the design fireplace in particular a perfect stove for demanding individualists.



The form and size are impressive, presenting the flickering flames to particularly good effect. A visual highlight in any living space, with design freedom ranging from rustic to elegant.

SYMBIA_Freisteller 2x


The corner panoramic window gives an exceptional view of the stage of the fire.