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The tiled stove pellet insert revitalises your tiled stove.


The RIKA tiled stove pellet insert gives your stove a modern, high-performance heart - the visual appearance and traditional charm remain.

The TILED STOVE PELLET INSERT is impressively simple to operate while being efficient and environmentally friendly. The pellet technology offers maximum comfort at minimal cost.

The TILED STOVE PELLET INSERT will simply be installed into your existing tiled stove and then operated fully automatically: ignition at the touch of a button, automatic delivery of the pellets to the combustion chamber and mobile control via your smartphone. Your stove is now at your service with efficient, continuous heat output.


About pellets

Pellets are made from untreated wood waste. Compacted under high pressure, they have an extremely low water content, which in turn results in a high heat value.

How old is your tiled stove?

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In Germany the 1st Federal Pollution Control Regulation applies (1. BImSchV)

Tiled and other wood-burning stoves built between 1985 and 1994 – and which it is no longer permitted to operate due to their higher emissions – now have to be retrofitted or replaced by the end of December 2020 at the latest.

In order to comply with the 1st Federal Pollution Control Regulation, you can quite simply retrofit your tiled stove with the TILED STOVE PELLET INSERT. The great thing about this is that you now have a more powerful stove that offers you all the convenience of pellet operation and complies with the strict emissions limit values of the 1st Federal Pollution Control Regulation (1. BImSchV).

Tiled stove pellet insert

Energy efficiency


About 1. BImSchV

In Germany, the 1st Federal Pollution Control Regulation governs the permitted maximum emissions – carbon monoxide and total dust – and the minimum efficiency of fireplaces.

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