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"Alexa, I'm cold."



With the introduction of RIKA VOICE, the first voice control for our stoves, we are once again setting standards in the development of innovative technologies.

Via Amazon Echo and the Alexa Voice Service it becomes very simple to voice-control your RIKA stove. All you have to do is ask Alexa to do it. This makes your RIKA stove not just sustainable and efficient, but now also even more convenient.

Use Alexa voice instructions in combination with any stove, that is equipped with RIKA FIRENENT (optionally), to regulate your RIKA pellet or combi stove by voice. Existing RIKA stoves that are already equipped with RIKA FIRENET can also be expanded with RIKA VOICE.


RIKA is the innovation leader

Research and development are key topics at RIKA. As early as in 1989, RIKA succeeded in being the first company in Europe to launch a pellet stove. The RIKA research and testing laboratory works with the latest equipment to always be state-of-the-art.

Digitalization 2.0



For all pellet and combi stoves

RIKA VOICE is compatible with every stove fitted with the optional RIKA FIRENET system – thus, even existing stoves can be expanded with RIKA VOICE.

"Alexa, set my stove to 22°C!"

In combination with RIKA FIRENET, the free skill allows you to voice-control and regulate your RIKA pellet or combi stove. You can activate the RIKA Skill via the Amazon Skill Store starting this autumn.

Using voice input, in future you can thus switch your RIKA pellet or combi stove on and off, switch between modes, set the desired room temperature and heat output and check the current operating status. And you can do that at any time and from any location.



RIKA Firenet

RIKA FIRENET allows you to control and regulate your pellet stove whenever, wherever and however you like – from any PC or mobile device with internet access. Regardless of the operating system or an app.

Firenet 2x


Alexa, set my stove to 22°C.

Set the room temperature.


Alexa, set my stove to comfort mode.

Switch between modes.


Alexa, what is my stove doing?

Check current status.


Alexa, switch ON my stove.

Switch stove on and off.

In combination with this voucher, you will receive a free Amazon Echo Dot, if you buy a RIKA pellet or combi stove.

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We listen to Alexa.

The following stove models can be operated using RIKA VOICE*

*and all other models that are equipped with the optional RIKA FIRENET.